Miscarriage (How to Cope)

Apr 22, 2019 | Health, Miscarriage, Pregnancy

Miscarriage often leaves women feeling many emotions such as disbelief, sadness, anger, guilt, and even possibly depression. Coping after a miscarriage can be a struggle, but there is hope. It may not be an easy journey, but here are a few things to help you through the grieving process.



Give yourself time to grieve and to process your feelings. As with any loss, you need time to be able to process your feelings and grieve properly. It’s normal to feel sad, angry, and even confused. Working through these feelings is an important step to your recovery. You may have good days, and there may be challenging days. Unanticipated triggers can cause you to grieve even on your good days; however, there is hope. Things can and will get better. Try taking a break from regular activities if they become overwhelming. For some, jumping back into a normal routine is hard after a loss. Consider sharing your miscarriage with your boss, or professor, to inform them of the situation. Ask if you can have a couple days to allow yourself to heal. It is okay to take the time you need for your emotional and mental health.


Open Up About How You’re Feeling

Sometimes, the best way to work through a difficult grieving period is to talk with someone whom you can trust – maybe a spouse, friend, family member, or a local support group. A support group allows you to interact with other women who may be able to offer guidance and encouragement in how they processed grief after their miscarriage. You may find comfort in hearing other women’s stories. There are also several professional counselors in our area that are ready to walk through this with you. Remember, you are not alone during this tough time.


Do Not Blame Yourself

If you are wondering why this happened, or are confused because you followed the instructions the doctor gave you during your pregnancy, remember that this is not your fault. There is nothing you could have done to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, miscarriage can be a natural occurrence that does happen with many women for a variety of reasons (see our previous blog). Misplaced anger at yourself, or shame, can take you down a negative road that can lead to depression. Be sure to seek professional help if this does occur.

If you are struggling with a miscarriage, we are deeply sorry for your loss. We invite you to visit these helpful resources below to assist you in your journey. Be sure to check out the Sadie Rose Foundation, a local organization right here in the Shenandoah Valley ready to support you in your healing. They offer several different services free of charge.

The Sadie Rose Foundation 



Unspoken Grief

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Teresa Klansek Medical Director

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Medical Director

The content on this page has been reviewed and approved by our Medical Director Dr. Teresa Klansek.

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Medical Director

The content on this page has been reviewed and approved by our Medical Director Dr. Teresa Klansek.

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