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AVA Care of Harrisonburg provides information on abortion in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Perhaps you’re considering an abortion procedure, or you may have already called an abortion clinic near Harrisonburg, VA. We understand the difficulty of facing an unexpected pregnancy. Take time to learn more about your options. Schedule a free and confidential appointment.

Abortion Information Harrisonburg, Virginia

Abortion providers offer both medical and surgical options. The types of abortion that may be available depend on factors such as how far along a woman is in her pregnancy and what kinds of procedures the provider offers.

There are two main types of abortion:

Medication abortion (also called the abortion pill) can be taken up to 70 days (10 weeks pregnant) after the start of your last menstrual period.

Surgical abortions are done by opening the cervix and passing instruments into the uterus to suction, grasp, pull, and scrape the pregnancy out. The exact procedure is determined by the baby’s level of growth.

If you are considering abortion in Harrisonburg, your first step is to learn more about your options with a free ultrasound. Call 540.434.7528


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