Debunking Society’s Myths About Pregnancy

Oct 26, 2018 | Parenting, Pregnancy, Unintended Pregnancy

So, the test is positive. You are pregnant. Because it was unintended, you may have a lot of emotions running through your head making your decision even harder. Added to that may be preconceived pregnancy myths which make this time even more stressful. But remember, they are just that – myths. Here are three of the most common myths society has told women about pregnancy and parenting.


Pregnancy Myth #1: You will never be “you” again. 

Whatever you define “you” as, whether you think you will never be beautiful again, or skinny again, or even be able to sleep peacefully again, this is a myth that society tells us because we are so enthralled with looking our best. Many women are scared to get pregnant because of the change that their bodies go through. It’s true that your body does change, but it doesn’t mean that these changes last forever. According to WebMD, women gain, on average, 25-35 pounds during a pregnancy. This is very normal and healthy! It includes the weight of the baby (ranging from 7-10 pounds), the placenta (2-3 lbs.), the amniotic fluid (2-3 lbs.), breast tissue (2-3 lbs.), blood supply (4 lbs.), stored fat for delivery/breastfeeding (5-9 lbs.), and uterus (2-5 lbs.). Check out more here. Also, we must remember that every pregnancy, just like every woman, is unique in their situation. And your weight does not define you.


Pregnancy Myth #2: Your life is over. 

This myth scares many women, and men, because they don’t want to give up the life they have. Even though your life may look different, it does not mean that your life is over. Think about all of the actresses who just recently had babies, but are still able to live their lives like they were before. Joanna Gaines, Cardi B, Hilary Duff, and Carrie Underwood are all working mothers who are expecting or had babies recently, but their lives didn’t stop or end just because they became mothers. In fact, Carrie Underwood announced her pregnancy in an Instagram video while also promoting her upcoming tour, which she will be doing pregnant. For the full article on celebrities, click here.

What about JMU’s track star, De’Ana Forbes? This amazing master’s degree student continued school to pursue her dreams while having a baby after her sophomore year of undergrad. She was very successful stating, “I got the best grades I’ve ever gotten. I had gotten over 3.0s for one of the two semesters. I ended up having a lot of academic accomplishments and things that I was proud of.” Read about her story here.

So, no, your life is not over just because you are expecting. In fact, some might say that it is just the beginning to an amazing and fulfilling new adventure!


Pregnancy Myth #3: You are alone. 

For many, this is the hardest hitting pregnancy myth. If the father of the baby is not present, or you feel unsupported by your family and friends, it is especially difficult. But the truth is, you are NOT alone.  AVA Care is here to help and support you. We have trained professionals available who can answer any questions you may have and discuss your situation. Call 540.434.7528 if you ever feel like you are alone in your pregnancy, or schedule an appointment online. We are here to help you through this difficult time, no matter what pregnancy myths society may tell you.

Did you know that AVA Care has a program called EXCEL which stands for Equipping Parents to EXCEL Through Community Engagement and Learning?  As you face your unintended pregnancy, you may not feel equipped to be a mom. You may not believe you can achieve your dreams. We believe you can do both. By partnering with several community organizations, AVA Care is able to help equip you with the resources and training you need to flourish personally and professionally. We encourage you to participate in programs that help provide support and equip you for parenting. The father of the baby is also welcome to participate. By participating you receive a layette with basic baby supplies and clothing, as well as diapers for the first year of your baby’s life. Contact or call 540.434.0685 to find out more information or program eligibility requirements.


Sources available upon request. 

AVA Care is here to Advocate for you, Validate your concerns, and provide Answers to your questions. We are here for you – no matter what you decide. Schedule an appointment online or call 540.434.7528 today.

Teresa Klansek Medical Director

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Medical Director

The content on this page has been reviewed and approved by our Medical Director Dr. Teresa Klansek.

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Medical Director

The content on this page has been reviewed and approved by our Medical Director Dr. Teresa Klansek.

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