Coping After An Abortion

Jun 21, 2018 | Abortion

The feelings you face after an abortion can be overwhelming. Feelings you may experience can range from relief, sadness, guilt, and even anger. Sometimes coping after an abortion and overcoming these feelings can be a struggle, but there is hope. We are here to offer you help. It may not be an easy journey, but by taking some active steps we believe you can move forward.

Allow yourself room to process your feelings. 

Perhaps you have been trying to avoid the feelings you’ve been experiencing following your abortion; however, avoiding them does not mean they go away. As difficult as it may seem, facing your feelings and processing them is an important step in helping you cope after an abortion. Because we all experience things differently, your process will be unique to you. Allow yourself to embrace your specific journey.

Talk to someone you trust. 

Find a friend or family member who you are comfortable with and openly discuss your feelings. Talk to them about your abortion. If sharing with a friend or family member makes you uncomfortable, consider finding a support group. At AVA Care we have a program called THREE, a confidential abortion recovery program designed for individuals who have experienced an abortion in their past. This free study is offered on an individual basis or as a group study. THREE can help you walk through your abortion experience and move forward. Participating in a program like THREE will allow you to see that you are not alone.

Give yourself time. 

As with any difficult situation in life, you must give yourself time. Your patience will pay off. Your journey will not be like anyone else’s. The process of coping after an abortion and moving forward will not happen overnight, even though sometimes you may wish your experience would just go away. There will be good days and there may be days where even little things may bring back a memory of your experience. Remind yourself that with time you will get through this. Remember that you are strong and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

THREE Frequently Asked Questions

When is the study? Group studies are offered throughout the year. The study is also offered on an individual basis for those unable to attend the scheduled group studies.

Who leads the study? The study is led by those who are sensitive to your situation, and with understanding, walk alongside of you through your journey.

How long does the study last? Each study lasts 9 weeks.

Can I get more info anonymously? Yes. You may receive more information about the program and other helpful resources, without revealing your identity, by contacting the program director at or by calling 540.434.0685.

Where is the study located? Please contact the program director at the phone number or email above to find a study near you.


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Teresa Klansek Medical Director Coping after abortion

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Medical Director

The content on this page has been reviewed and approved by our Medical Director Dr. Teresa Klansek.

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Dr. Teresa Klansek

Medical Director

The content on this page has been reviewed and approved by our Medical Director Dr. Teresa Klansek.

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