About AVA Care


AVA Care of Harrisonburg is a medical nonprofit serving women facing unintended pregnancy since 1984. We provide free pregnancy testing and confirmation – so you know for sure.

We are here to:

  1. Advocate for You (We care about you and are on your side).
  2. Validate your Concerns (We know you may feel panicked. We are here to help).
  3. Answer your Questions (We have trained professionals who can answer your questions).

At AVA Care, we understand the difficulty of facing an unintended pregnancy. We believe that information empowers. We strive to provide you with objective pregnancy and sexual health education so you can make a confident and informed decision if you have a positive test.

We are here to confirm your pregnancy, Advocate for you, Validate your concerns, and provide Answers to your questions. We are here for you – no matter what you decide.

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