At AVA Care, we understand the difficulty of facing an unintended pregnancy. We believe that information empowers. We strive to provide you with objective pregnancy and sexual health education so you can make a confident decision.

Below are some questions to consider prior to having an abortion:

Have you had your pregnancy confirmed?

We provide laboratory quality urine pregnancy testing and confirm your pregnancy through an ultrasound conducted and reviewed by licensed medical staff – free of charge.

Is your pregnancy in the uterus?

If your pregnancy is not in your uterus, it could be a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. A limited obstetric ultrasound may confirm the location of a pregnancy.

How far along are you?

An ultrasound is performed for the purpose of pregnancy confirmation and provides valuable information for a woman who is making a decision about her pregnancy. An ultrasound will determine gestational age (how far along you are). The gestational age of your pregnancy determines the type of abortion procedure performed.

Other questions to ask yourself

  • Have I researched all my options?
  • Do I know the different types of abortion procedures?
  • Do I understand the risks involved with these procedures?
  • Do I have someone I can trust to discuss my options?

We are here to confirm your pregnancy, Advocate for you, Validate your concerns, and provide Answers to your questions. We are here for you – no matter what you decide. Schedule your appointment online today or call 540.434.7528.

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