She said she might be pregnant…

1. Find out if she is really pregnant

We offer laboratory quality urine pregnancy tests that are administered by one of our nurses.

A positive pregnancy test (including those taken at home) suggests a high probability that she is pregnant. However, the result should be confirmed by an ultrasound exam. This can answer 3 major questions:

  1. Is the pregnancy in the uterus?
  2. How far along is she?
  3. Is there a fetal heartbeat?

This information is critical regardless of what options you both may be considering.

2.  Make an appointment

Call 540.434.7528 to schedule an appointment. Our staff is here to help you.

3.  Come with her to the appointment

Our trained male client advocates are available to meet with you and provide answers to your questions.

4.  Support her.

Be available. Don’t “check out”. Stay involved. Listen.

Allow her to talk about her feelings and fears. Assure her that you hear her and that you understand.