You may be facing the possibility of an unintended pregnancy. At AVA Care, we recognize that adoption may not be an option you’ve considered. Some women choose adoption because:

  • They are not ready to be a mom.
  • There is no support from the baby’s father.
  • They have plans that don’t include a baby right now.
  • They can’t afford another child.

AVA Care can provide answers to your questions about adoption, such as:

  • Is adoption the right plan for me?
  • How does adoption work?
  • If adoption is my decision, what is the next step?

Adoption allows you to be in full control of decisions regarding your pregnancy and your baby.

AVA Care is here to advocate for you, validate your concerns, and provide answers to your questions about adoption.  Schedule an appointment to speak with a client advocate to get more information. We are here for you – not matter what you decide.

*AVA Care is not an adoption agency and we do not receive payment of any kind from adoption agencies. We provide you with information about adoption and can refer you to adoption agencies. They will provide you with further information and guide you through the process.